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    Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010 to Release on October 22, 2009?

    Today Dutch site (linked above) reportedly caught a glimpse of a release list that was not meant to be seen.

    As a result, they have announced the Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 release date as October 22, 2009.

    In addition to PlayStation 3, Konami currently has the title under development for PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Mobile phone.

    To quote, roughly translated: Today we got a release under our eyes printed list (a list that is not intended for our eyes) with designating a finger of the person who showed us the list, pointed to the release date of PES 2010.

    Funny enough was not on the same list of FIFA 10 release date.

    PES 2010, on October 22, 2009 it should be in the shops.

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    what can i say? KING'S RETURN. can't wait to play the next pes. it's a real challenge for konami to make this release better than 2009. hope they achieve this goal until then pes 2 live.

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    Cool i hope it a better game

    i hope PES 2010 is than better 09 and where the hell PES 09 trophy patch it say it supported back in december 2008. i havn't heard anything yet.

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    I´ll most be waiting for the japanese version Winning Eleven 2010. They´re all the same, but the japanese commentarist is way better than any other, and make the game more playable to me. Jon Kabira Rocks!!!

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    Let's hope it's a winner this time. I was disappointed with my 1st PS3 game which was PES '08. PES '09 was what 08 should have been, but there weren't major improvements besides framerate and lag fixes.

    I hope they use a totally new graphics engine this time (as rumored), because the 2 previous ones looked outdated. Gameplay was fine though (as always)

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    Looking forward to this game, I always preferred PES over FIFA so I'm expecting Konami to take another step forward and add a lot of new stuff.

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