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    Pre-Order Darksiders for PS3 and Get Free Costumes

    THQ UK Community Manager Mike Richardson has announced today that those who pre-order Darksiders for PS3 can get free costumes, as follows:

    We've just announced all of our exclusive pre-order items for Darksiders in the UK, including a couple of cool costumes for use in PlayStation Home. Want to see what they look like?

    First up is the War costume. This is a replica of the outfit worn by the horseman in the game. To get this free when you buy the game, you'll need to pre-order with PLAY.com.

    The other item is a Ruin mask. Yes, a complete apocalyptic steed head piece for you to use in Home... Sound effects not included! To get this you'll need to pre-order with Amazon.

    That's not all... If you pre-order elsewhere there are a couple of other bonus items you can get. GAME is offering 'The Harvester' in-game weapon, Gamestation has an exclusive Joe Mad comic covering the back story in the game and the HMV pre-order includes a Darksiders 2010 calendar. Lots to choose from!

    Darksiders hits 8 Jan in the UK, you can pre-order over here.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mrgreaper Guest


    Is it just me or are pre-order gimmicks starting to ruin games? so if i want everything i need to order 4 copies of the game? the guy that invented preorder bonuses should be shot, resurrected, hung, resurrected and thrown in front of a train... then shot again.

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    Karuto Guest
    Could care less for action figures or demos. I think free DLC with preorder would be nice.

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    Xaq Guest

    What in the...

    What happened to buying a special edition game and everything was right frickin' there!? I have crappy Cricket 'net and and I can't get it to work with my system. I miss out on a lot. I pre-ordered Brutal Legend and I got some special I couldn't even use.

    Then game store employees push the orders like crack. I'm constantly being told if I don't pre-order it, it'll be awhile before I find it. Well, they get plenty more copies with the next delivery and if I don't want to wait, I can just go to Best Buy.

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    soulcollecter Guest


    These look like some pretty sweet costumes. I don't like how most these newer games are being marketed as well. It seems you dont preorder your out of luck for the extras. or you wait forever for it to be free. They should do like ea did with bad company game and have codes to unlock them after so long.

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