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Thread: PowerMad Review of Killzone 2 Exclusively for the PlayStation 3

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    PowerMad Review of Killzone 2 Exclusively for the PlayStation 3

    Now that I don't have a 13-minute limit of a video I can fully explain how great Killzone 2 is. The graphics to Killzone 2 are amazing to say the very least.


    Right away you are dropped off at a area that has some of the best water physics and visuals I have ever personally seen.

    This is coming from a man who has played Crysis on a full 1080P monitor with the graphics all the way up. As well as Metal Gear Solid 4 in the same way.

    You can search high and low but will never find a game at this current time that looks better than Killzone 2.

    The textures and environment just set the mood. You will almost never get bored of just walking around looking at the world around you.

    The physics are near perfect. The way the Helghast look as you shoot them with your assault rifle is perfect they move just the way you would expect them to.

    There was also a lot of care put into the audio of this game. What more can you say? If it sounds like a explosion when it's a explosion it's good.

    So full Circle this game will make all your senses happy. From the great visuals, to the feeling your hand gets as the rumble pack is vibrating, to the tingle your ears get as you burn your enemies alive. You are bound to be happy.

    Game Play

    Game Play is another story. When I first saw this game it looked like Time Shift to me with 9X better graphics of course.

    DON'T make the same wrong assumption as me. Time Shift had mediocre everything, Killzone 2 has Premium everything, even if it's not perfect.

    It follows Standard FPS layout by only allowing you to carry two weapons at a time, one being a pistol and the other a primary weapon of any kind. You also can carry up to 5 grenades. Which are some of the BEST I have seen in any game thus far.

    The AI in this game as I said in my video, is probably the best in any game to date. Resistance 2 and Uncharted although having great AI's. Seem to fall short of Killzone 2 and it's tactic changing bots.

    So basically it's like fighting real people, they will duck out of the way if you almost kill them. If only one remains and he believes he has no chance he will start running to where the next reinforcements are coming from.

    The Campaign isn't too long. It took me about 6-8 hours on the hardest difficulty available from the start, (Veteran) without searching for every little piece of Intel. If you're a pro-gamer I can't imagine it taking any longer.


    Killzone 2 is one of the BEST online games on the PS3 to date. So far I haven't run into any lag, but I hear numerous reports that other people have experienced server bugs and connection problems. I'm pretty sure once those issues are resolved you will experience lag free play as I do, provided you don't have the same Internet as my friend Ryan.

    The maps online are huge and I can't believe that any gaming console or PC can handle them with 32 people in the room with a minimum lag. Yes, they have all your favorite game play styles like Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch.

    In addition to all that. You also have rewards that you earn through hardwork online. Some of these are required for Trophies, but for the most part they are easy to get.

    Just buying this game for the online isn't crazy at all, in fact I would recommend it.


    The Story is quite unique. At least I have never heard anything like it before.

    Before I start explaining note that from here on until my ratings and recommendations the entire review is a spoiler for Killzone 1. So if you intend to play Killzone 1 to experience the storyline first, DO NOT READ!

    Note that all this was explained to me, so if anything is wrong please forgive me. Killzone 1 was all about how some time in the past, a new planet where humans could live was discovered. They didn't realize it at the time, but the environment changes rapidly and can cause strange side effects to humans.

    Eventually over time the humans started to evolve on this planet known as Helgan. They slowly start believing they are superior and begin to attack the the humans left on the old planet.

    After a long bloody battle. The humans manage to defeat the Helghast and drive them back to their planet.

    Killzone 2 is about the attacks on Helgan and what happens during that time.

    So Killzone 2 has a great storyline Awesome gameplay, Amazing Online, Superior Graphics/Audio/Environment, and leaves no room for Dessert. Making this one of the Best games on the market.


    First Person Shooter: 10-10
    Online: 10-10
    Action: 10-10

    Story 9-10
    Graphics as of 2009: 10-10
    AI as of 2009: 10-10
    Enviorment: 10-10
    Value as of March 1 2009: 10-10

    Overall: 100-100
    Grade "A" Game


    Casual Gamer: Yes
    Hardcore Gamer: Yes
    Obsessive Gamer: Yes
    Pro Gamer: Yes
    Newb Gamer: Yes
    Noob Gamer: Yes
    Retro Gamer: Maybe
    Table Gamer: No
    Online Gamer: Yes
    Co-Op Gamer: N/A

    Multiverse Gamer: Yes
    Multiverse-Casual Gamer: Yes

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    killindillin Guest

    Thumbs Up good..good

    if i were you i would add a little more detail and some more photos... overall pretty good.

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    I think CyanCaze did a great job myself, and have also added it to the review section finally.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    This is a brilliant review CyanCaze, dont let anyone tell you different bud

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    I think CyanCaze did a great job myself, and have also added it to the review section finally.
    Now the question is, are you going to add the Sonic one to the reviews section?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyanCaze View Post
    Now the question is, are you going to add the Sonic one to the reviews section?

    Done now, scroll down:

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    jaye1224 Guest
    I am new to the ps3 world. let me start with great review. Ps3 have defenately reached a break through with this game. I was very disapointed in the play time. I rented this game to see the hype and to find out if i wanted to purchase.

    After only five hours of game play, I was reading the credits. The online play was fun. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game. I hope this is a preview of more exciting and visually stimulating games to come. Again great job on the review!

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