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    CyanCaze Guest

    PowerMad Review of Fallout 3 for the PlayStation 3 Console

    Resistance 2, Gears of War 2, and Little Big Planet, To me? Those are filler compared to the massive game known as Fallout 3.

    This game could easily be called game of the year 2008 by everyone. Why? Because of 2 words, Open Environment. Fallout 3 may not have Online game play, or a chainsaw to hack people up with (Actually it does =D), but it does have what I consider to be the MOST important aspect of games this generation for the PlayStation 3.

    Free roaming games have been my personal favorite from the start. But Fallout 3 goes above and beyond the call of duty, making a map nearly the size of Oblivion. But not only that, they gave us guns and a first person view. Making this the first game I have ever seen that is free roaming AND a first person shooter.

    As for the plot, Your "born" in a "vault" which is a nuclear fallout shelter, you grow up until you leave the vault at 19. Inside the Vault you decide your Gender, Character looks, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., Skills, and a small amount of your Karma.

    After you leave the vault you can pretty much do whatever you please. As you continue however, your level will advance through "experience points". This is where the RPG aspect of the game comes in. Every time you "Level up" You get a set amount of skill points, as well as 1 free perk. These perks can be used to raise your "S.P.E.C.I.A.L." or give you special powers, such as "solar powered".

    There are also many weapons through the game. My personal favorite is the Shishkebab, a flaming sword that is perfect for precooking your dinner. Most of these weapons are used to get Caps (Money) by selling them to local stores.

    Enemies in this game are quite different. You have millions of mutated Bugs, Humans, and Animals to kill, As well as some plain ordinary raiders. However this is the games strong point, there is almost no way to run out of enemies in this game.

    Overall the game is a blast. However after long periods of game play it can be depressing. Also there are fewer places to go to, and the map is much smaller then it's older brother Oblivion. And although the similarities to Oblivion may make some people angry, I find them quite refreshing at times. If you see this game be sure to pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

    Game Type
    *RPG (Role Playing Game), (A+)
    *FPS (First Person Shooter), (A-)
    *Free Roaming, (A++)
    *TPV (Third Person View), (C-)
    *Strategy/Tactical. (A+)


    Role Playing:
    There generally isn't much to say about the RPG aspect of games. However they truly delivered (as always) in this category. Most games would have stopped at the skills. But Bethesda goes a step further, adding not only a "S.P.E.C.I.A.L.", but Perks as well. this is why they truly deserve 10-10 here.

    First Person Shooter:
    As a first person shooter type game, I can look one of 2 ways. I can say it's a 7-10 because it isn't the best first person view ever made. However I could also give it a 10-10 because you will almost never run out of enemies, and there is almost always something to kill. For this reason I give it a 9-10.

    Free Roaming:
    It's hard to find a good free roaming game. However Bethesda has always come through for us. This game is vastly huge. And deserves game of the year, just for this alone. 10-10

    Third Person View:
    I say "Third Person View" instead of "Third Person Shooter" because like with Oblivion, this feature seems more like just a add-on to see your character. It's actually quite horrible to use, and if you only like over the shoulder games like Gears of War, and Metal Gear Solid 4, I don't recommend it. 3-10

    Throughout the entire game you will have to make choices about you are going to do. You have to choose between good and evil. But not only that, you also have to choose for things like... (Do I leave my Chinese assault rifle here to pick up this Rocket Launcher?) Many things like that will happen on your journey. 9-10

    I can pretty much say that almost any gamer will love this game, you really can't go wrong. however as mentioned before there are a few minor flaws. Making it a 94-100. Congratulations Bethesda. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Very nicely detailed (but not overkill) review CyanCaze, and +Rep too!

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