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    Apr 2005

    Police Officer Gets Caught Stealing PS3 Games Under His Vest

    A police officer from the UK has been found guilty of stealing Sony PS3 games from a store that he was being paid to protect.

    The thief allegedly snuck PS3 games in his hat and then transferred them under his stab vest to avoid setting off the alarms.

    To quote: "Peter Cokell, 34, was found guilty of theft after he was caught on CCTV shoplifting from the store he was being paid to protect.

    The damning footage, which was shown to magistrates in his trial, shows him stealing two PlayStation 3 games and then taking them to the rear of the shop in his police hat.

    He can then be seen slipping the games - Call of Duty and Kill Zone - worth only 74.98, inside his stab vest before walking from the shop without setting off the alarms.

    However, a security guard who witnessed the crime contacted police and Cokell was arrested and charged with theft."

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    slastrina Guest


    Screw the police, what a discrace!

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    everglow21 Guest
    lol. shouldn't cops know that there are cameras? or is he just plain stupid..

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    Mantagtj Guest
    they still think its the 70's they battered my m8 inside so they do think they are above the law, moral of the story is dont trust the police... they'll rob ya ps3 games.. they aint coming in my house

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    teadiddy Guest
    After all, ps3 games are pretty expensive...

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    IHM Guest

    Big Grin

    Bah, stupid cop, get a 360!

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    Veritech Guest
    I found this article quite amusing. C'mon now you steal off of the drug dealers and ask for protection money from pimps to make an extra buck. You don't steal video games from a store your detailing with a full security system, what a dumbass. LOL.

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    alexcamrod Guest

    Totally unfair

    This cop is literally stealling ps3 games, and we get crap for modding our systems or hacking the software even though not all hacked systems are used to play pirated games. it's realy just unfair.

    i'm sure he'll catch crap for this, but he'll probably just get a slap on the wrist. if it was any of us we'd be in jail or at least on probation.

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    lunatix Guest


    damn, if a cop is too stupid to not get caught then why is it always so easy for 6 year olds to successfully steal them.

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    Starlight Guest
    Well nobody said he had brains if he was doing this and he must have known there was cameras in the store, but the greed and cheapness got the better of him and now he will have a criminal record and might not be trusted to be and officer no more, and pension done the toilet also.. nice move guy..

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