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Thread: PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade Arrives on PlayStation Store

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    PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade Arrives on PlayStation Store

    PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe has announced today that users can now make watching TV a social experience through a new PlayTV Live Chat upgrade from the PlayStation Store.

    To quote: Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that there is a great new upgrade available for PlayTV out now.

    If you already own PlayTV then you now have the chance to get your hands on some really exciting new features, exclusive to PlayTV on the PS3.

    These fantastic features include:

    - Series Link*: Never miss your favourite series with the addition of series link to PlayTV in the UK. (*Not available in Australia or New Zealand)

    - Live Chat with friends while watching TV: Enjoy your favourite shows together with this unique new feature. Set up your own chat room or join an existing one and text chat to your friends or anyone on PSN without interrupting your TV Viewing. Up to 64 people can be in a chat room at a time and you can choose if you want your chat room to be open to your PSN friends, everyone on PSN or just the people you invite.

    - Recommendations: recommend programmes to Facebook and PSN friends. Share your favourite shows, films and soaps with your friends and get them involved. Send a recommendation to your Facebook wall with your own comments or recommend it to any of your PSN friends. PSN recommendations appear as a message to your selected friends with your own message and a link for them to record or watch the show automatically.

    - Community Favourites*: Need some inspiration to help you decide what to watch or just curious what your friends and the PSN community are watching? Check out what people are watching right now, what they have been watching in the last 2 weeks and what they have set to record over the last two weeks. You can sort the info by your friends to see just what they have been watching, or the overall number to see what's most popular with the PSN community. (*Not available in Australia)

    - Premium Programme Guide*: This update also includes a brand new, premium programme guide that gives you loads more info on the TV shows happening now and up to 7 days in advance. The internet based programme guide from tvtv allows you to see far more information on programmes than before and with PlayTV's great search function, this enables you to search for the perfect show or film based on things like actors, directors, genres, etc (*Not available in Australia)

    All you need to do to get these great new features is update your PlayTV software, (there is a patch available now in the updates section of the PlayTV main menu), then go to PlayStation Store and purchase the 'Live Chat Upgrade' for 6.29 / €7.99 / 12.95 AUD / 15.50 NZD. As soon as it downloads you will be able to start chatting with your PSN friends that have the updgrade about the big game or latest plot twists and letting everyone know what your favourite shows and films are.

    PlayTV 'Live Chat Upgrade' is rated 16+ on the PlayStation Store to make sure that it remains safe and secure with the new 'Chat TV' feature. Chat rooms are also moderated and participants can be blocked from your feed while settings are also in place to protect user's privacy and control what information you share with everyone.

    Check out for more details.

    [imglink=|PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade Arrives on PlayStation Store][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade Arrives on PlayStation Store][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade Arrives on PlayStation Store][/imglink]
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    elser1 Guest
    i think it should be free... can't believe sony..

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    Jes03 Guest
    Yep. And here in Aus just about all the paid for features don't work anyway so they want us to pay for nothing...

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    gizmol Guest
    have you completely lost your mind sony... why the heck would I want to watch and CHAT... and why on earth would I want to pay for that... are they trying to dissuade people from upgrading fw/buying ps3s ?

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    Smandrake Guest
    Wow, i read that this upgrade was free, and now... about 10E for a product that i ALREADY paid about 50E?? I'd just like the online updated EPG but pay for this feature.. bah.

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    makk Guest
    Paid for this purely for the series link feature, never plan on using the chat feature though. Also discounted if you are a PS+ member.

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    Jes03 Guest
    Yea, PS+... so you pay a lot to save a few $ on a game... I've been watching what PS+ members get and I've already got what they are offering or not interested so if I joined what would it be to me? All it would do is upgrade my console on its own so I have no choice anymore. NO THANKS.

    As everyone has been saying why pay for an update nobody wants. Who wants to chat while watching tv? How do you earn trophies while watching tv? I heard that was or is coming.... So, if you watch a certain program so many times you get a trophy? "you've just unlocked the fat lazy bastard trophy"

    I think $ony have to start listening to its customers and give them what they want not useless crap.

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    Momoney Guest
    The PlayTV 2 update is a complete rip off. Don’t do it. A line needs to drawn or else these blood sucking corporations will start charging for every update. The only reason people have paid the redonkulous 6.29 fee is to get series link, (which should have been a day one feature in the first place!)

    2 years of waiting for series link.. a feature even a budget PVR bought in Tesco has ..and Sony bundle it with unwanted social features to justify charging us for it. Sony can KMA…

    Still considering paying Sony for this update? Then read some of comments on PSN product manager James Thorpe’s Blog

    Sony are the new Apple. Charging for updates that should be FREE. Sony hang ur head in shame. What next? Charging for bug fixes and patches?

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