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    PlayTV goes back to DRM-free, PSP-friendly copying!

    Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what's "official" and what's not - especially because Sony continues to contradict itself. When we first heard the Euro-exclusive PlayTV box would allow users to copy recorded shows onto the PSP, we all said "yay."

    The convenience of recording TV and taking it with us wherever we go sounded swell. Then, we found out that the files would be restricted.

    Well, with PlayTV in the hands of reviewers, it appears Sony has switched back to the original plan. You'll now be able to copy DRM-free versions of your recorded programs to your PSP, or any other compatible MPEG-4 device, at least according to CVG.

    Our European readers may want to check out CVG's review. The rest of us will just sit here in the corner, waiting. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    yeah nice! It's a nice feature. I've got a PSP and a PS3. If i purchase PlayTV i can already watch and copy my movies into the memory stick of my PSP. Very cool feature. Thanks Sony.

    If this feature already come to the US and Japan version of PlayTV?

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    Honestly.... i wish SONY would stop changing their mind about things... Especialy PlayTV, im looking forward to it. I hope they do intigrate FreeSat. That would be the best!

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    I'm really hoping that it will come to the States but I think it'll have to be after the switch to digital in February. This will be a must buy for me.

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