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Thread: PlayStation's 15th Anniversary Comes to PS Home and More!

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    PlayStation's 15th Anniversary Comes to PS Home and More!

    Sony's Home Community Specialist GlassWalls has announced today that PlayStation's 15th Anniversary is coming to PS Home along with Hudson goodies and a new community theater partner.

    To quote: Firstly, to commemorate a very special moment in gaming history, we have a special video celebrating the 15-year anniversary of PlayStation up for you to enjoy in the Theater.

    It's been a long time since we started, and I hope you'll join us in celebrating our "birthday." As a party favor, each person who checks out the video will get a commemorative ornament, nodding praise to the platform that started it all.

    Bomberman fans unite! Visit the new Hudson Gate game space when it is released in PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 9th. Explore the "discs" of this futuristic space and place your bets on the regular Dolphy races, unlock unique rewards, and even pick up Bomberman outfits. Purchase your own Dolphy Room Apartment, where you can raise your very own Dolphy to take part in races. Raise your Dolphy right and you'll be rewarded as it streaks its way to victory!

    Also this week, we have more MAG items including the RAVEN armor now available to further complete your collection. Lockwood's sweet generosity is definitely not lacking this week either. This week, you'll find the Lollipop collection of outfits or both male and female, a ton of new furniture and for the ladies, a luxury leather handbag delivering some serious bling in a diamond ring.

    Finally, we have a new partnership in the Home Community Theater to announce - GamerIndepth!

    As one of Home's longest-running fan groups, it seemed only natural to further connect with them. I was able to get a burning question answered by several members of GamerIndepth.

    GlassWalls: "I have a question for each of you. You've all been supporters of Home for a long time, and now we're partnering up in the Community Theater. Where do you see the future for both of us heading?"

    From Narde15: "Home is such a unique and cutting-edge application that I don't know how to answer that question. What I can say is that as long as GamerIndepth is around it will keep its ear to the ground and continue to shine the spotlight on everyone making positive noise in PlayStation Home. That's what we've always been about and with the support of the Home Team and the community, we're not going to limit ourselves."

    From Hippe: "The future looks bright for ALL those that love Home. The future of both Home as an application and the community depends on the bonds we establish with each other. The Home of tomorrow will not be the Home of today. It continues to evolve daily and I hope GamerIndepth can be a part of that evolution every step of the way."

    From homeboy79: "The future of Home looks brighter everyday. The community's involvement in Home is ultimately key to its success. This is where we come in. I'm confident that together we will continue to provide the highest quality of media and material that is for the community, by the community."

    From YowsahsItsMeesh: "Being an avid Home user soon after open beta was released it has truly been an experience to watch Home evolve into what it has become today....I can definitely see future partnerships such as ours, drawing in more gamers and non-gamers alike, and taking social gaming to an entirely new level."

    There you have it. Go check out their first video playing now in the Home Community Theater. See you in Home!

    [imglink=|PlayStation's 15th Anniversary Comes to PS Home and More!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PlayStation's 15th Anniversary Comes to PS Home and More!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PlayStation's 15th Anniversary Comes to PS Home and More!][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ChaseHammer Guest
    Its awesome, i wish i never sold my original PS So many memories playing on that machine. I remember being so distraught when i had to send it in to Sony to get a new TV output card because it bounced on my tv.

    That ornament will look great on the table with my psp go with no TV lol. Sony needs to come on with those TVs that function in Home, not that stupid 80s TV that does nothing.

    Happy early birthday PlayStation.

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    Yamikarasu Guest
    Hey ChaseHammer... plz tell me something how or where can i get this ps1 ornament? thanks in advance..

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