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    Takavach Guest

    PlayStation Store (EU) Update for August 28, 2008

    From Elixor of the European PlayStation boards:

    This week's store update brings the following:

    [FREE] The Last Guy
    [FREE] NHL 09

    [4,99 EUROS] Buzz! Junior Jungle Party
    [19,99 EUROS] Medal of Honor Heros 2 (PSP)

    [5,99 EUROS] Warhawk - Operation Fallen Star

    E3 2008 - Far Cry 2
    Movement - London: Back in the UK
    Movement - Bianca Rose Interview
    Movement - Doll's House: I Hate Today
    Movement - Doll's House Interview
    Movement - London: Doing the Tourist Thing
    Movement - Bianca Rose: What Will Remain
    Movement - Doll's House: 9988
    Movement - Bianca Rose: Rainy Nights

    [FREE] The Last Guy More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SurfDrifter Guest
    I'm pretty sure that there is also The Last Guy Full Game in this update at 7,99 or 9,99 euros

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