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    does this mean that if we downloaded say gripshift full from the links on this forum that currently there is no way to get it to your ps3 and make it work? i do have a ext hdd but if i just transfer the file ove it wont work right it has to be installed thru the store. i was gonna try the way it says on the forums here but with the store down for us non updaters i cant do it that way. is there any hop for me to get it installed?
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    although its a good thought i really doubt it, first off i used my own server to bypass so im pretty sure they didnt only block the original one. second they probably just put the update check into the ps store, so in order to even get checked you must first access the store, which is only accessed by the latest firmware.

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    works....with 1.50

    using 1.50, logged on successfully, downloaded gripshift, installed... and played.

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    I just wish I could get mine to work again It was working then ip on laptop changed can't get pass test says signed out.

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    Alright well i'm putting in my connection info all over again. Doing the regular set up and im going to try it out. Im the newest firmware, 1.51 ? Whatever it is im the newest one. I got an error right when i tried so im redoing it in hopes that it works. Hopefully it works..

    Got it working. Seems something just wasn't quite working correctly who knows. Nothing new either in the store. I'm going to go check out the jap store and see if anything new is in there perhaps ?

    Well im here and it doesn't look any different. Actually i think they added a "Sonic the Hedgehog" Promotion Video but i think thats about it. Nothing new in either store who knows what they did ?

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    1.51 here as well, playstation store works fine but there's nothing new after it was down earlier, no tekken, no nuthin

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    could someone with 1.51 firmware try to transfer a game from your pc to the ps3 and see if that still works? its possible still i think but wont upgrade till i know for sure that it works.

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    It still works. I did it earlier and it worked for me if someone would like to confirm it but i did the Sodoku Easy pack. I didnt open it up before hand but i believe it worked because i was trying it out. So its all good

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