July 17, 2007 - The hits kept coming at today's PlayStation Premier press conference in Tokyo. Perhaps the biggest announcement, as far as the Japanese market is concerned, came from Koei president Kenji Matsuhara, who took the stage to announce that Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (aka Dynasty Warriors 6) is in development for the PlayStation 3.

Famitsu.com reports that the game's concept is "Extreme Action, Extreme Battle field." On top of the usual updates, including all new weapons, Koei is playing around with the formula a bit, adding the ability for players to perform practically unlimited combos. The game will also give players more freedom.

While today's announcement was unexpected, an even bigger surprise is that Koei plans on releasing the game to Japan this fall! A playable version will debut at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Thanks to IGN.com for sharing the news with us!