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Thread: PlayStation Plus: Metal Slug XX Carnage on Instant Game Collection

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    PlayStation Plus: Metal Slug XX Carnage on Instant Game Collection

    Sony PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Manager Morgan Haro is here with this week's PlayStation Plus updates, which feature Metal Slug XX carnage on the Instant Game Collection.

    To quote: This week, we're building the Instant Game Collection with the 2D action of Metal Slug: XX! You can download this arcade classic free as a PS Plus member starting with tomorrow's PlayStation Store update.

    This is also the first week release of PlayStation Store's PLAY, as the first of the 4 diverse games hitting this week with Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark.

    Today is the last day you can preorder the title with a 20% PS Plus discount, however, you'll still be able to preorder the other 3 titles (Cloudberry Kingdom, Ibb & Obb, and Duck Tales Remastered) up to their weekly release dates.

    Metal Slug XX (PSP, PS Vita Compatible)
    PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

    After General Morden is defeated and captured, a mysterious army arrives from the future to save him. They reveal themselves to be Morden's Army from the future, and their goal is to provide their future leader with special advanced weaponry to take on his enemies in the present.

    Classic characters Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri, Ralf, and Clark return once again to take on General Morden and his new and improved Rebel Army.

    Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin's Flight (Cross-Buy)
    30% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $2.49; PS Plus Price: $1.74)

    In this Thomas Was Alone level pack, discover the tale of young Benjamin, who goes in search of the Fountain of Wisdom aided by his father's incredible invention. Benjamin meets a new companion and a familiar face in this story, which takes place in the events leading up to Thomas's emergence.

    Find out more about PLAY along with the titles, special reward bonuses, and more in the cool video below!

    Last Chance (Leaving on 7/30)

    Instant Game Collection

    Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward


    Draw Slasher
    Carnival Island
    Cloudberry Kingdom Preorder

    [imglink=|PlayStation Plus: Metal Slug XX Carnage on Instant Game Collection][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I prefer PS3 games in the collection than Vita. Mainly because i'm forced to buy a third memory card

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