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    Can anyone Confirm if this maintenance had anything to do the paid subscription? To be gone all those hours it should something Big! In a way, the paid subscription thing might be good, increase the lost money they made from producing the ps3s lol

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    Hm, since the maintenance is over, I can not access to any psn in other countries, I always get "this service is not available in your country/region".

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    Yea, they're obviously still working on the psn network.

    I'm off work today, and it wasn't until mid morning I could get on Home. And as of this post, I still can't purchase anything from the Store. Seems their "12 hr" maintanence window was silently extended...

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    I can't even sign in to any region. Keeps giving error code 8071053d.

    If this is supposed to make us think PSN premium is worth paying for, they're wrong...

    Scratch that... Looks like I'd forgotten to start my squid server... *doh*

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