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Thread: PlayStation Network Profile Concept V2 Designs Available

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    PlayStation Network Profile Concept V2 Designs Available

    Recently shakedown1986 of the official PlayStation Forums (linked above) has published some PlayStation Network Profile redesign concepts, with features as follows:

    - L1 and R1 for 'About Me' section
    - Removed a horizontal space on the top where the name and location is
    - Added a better quality picture for the 'Current Status: Online' and made it green to represent Online.
    - Changed the font type,size and color in 'About Me' section
    - Improved the box around the 'About Me' to resemble the 'Trophies' box
    - Improved the 'About Me' title size
    - Made the progress bar more accurate
    - Moved the progress percentage to the middle and changed color
    - Darkened the background where it says the name
    - Added a reflection to total number of trophies
    - Added a background to the stars
    - Added the 'Select','Back' and 'Option' button at the bottom
    - Grayed out the 'invite to game' button better
    - Added 'User Profile' on top
    - Background Color Change

    The first pictured below is dubbed V2.5 with the second being V02... feel free to share your thoughts on whether you'd like to see either as an upcoming PlayStation Network Profile redesign.

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    toxsik Guest
    Either of these would definitively be so much better I'd have to say this guy really put some thought in this,... I would bust 3 nuts if Sony put something like this in place of the crap that's already there but it'll never happen, I mean gees we still don't have voice messaging capabilities. But nice effort none the less.

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    loadstone007 Guest
    I don't get it... is this design supposed to be integrated in the console, instead of the lame user info screen? Or is it just a design that will be web only?

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    toxsik Guest
    I'm under the impression its suppose to replace the silly "user profile" we currently have in the xmb.

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