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Thread: PlayStation Move PS3 Developer Diary: Brunswick Pro Bowling

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    PlayStation Move PS3 Developer Diary: Brunswick Pro Bowling

    FarSight Studios Lead Designer Bobby King has made available a PlayStation Move Brunswick Pro Bowling video as part of the ongoing PS3 Developer Diary series today.

    To quote: I'm the lead designer of Brunswick Pro Bowling and undisputed bowling champion of FarSight Studios!

    Well, Jeff Rice, the lead programmer of our bowling game is pretty darn good too, so he might dispute my title. More than half of our studio bowls regularly in a weekly league up here in Big Bear Lake, CA so most of us are decent bowlers and huge fans of the sport.

    We are all very excited to be working with Crave and Brunswick to make the definitive bowling game.

    A big part of that excitement has to do with the real world data we get from the PlayStation Move motion controller. For more details how perfect the PlayStation Move is for Brunswick Pro Bowling, check out the video below.

    [viddler id=c32e0b39&w=327&h=545]

    There are many different styles to bowling and thanks to accuracy of the PlayStation Move, we can mimic the technique of all types of throws.

    Whether you throw a huge hook or toss a straight ball at rocket speed, the PlayStation Move will track your hand movement and wrist rotation perfectly to give us the information we need to match individual bowling styles and give you the most authentic bowling experience ever.

    When we were introduced to a prototype of the PlayStation Move motion controller by Sony, we fell in love instantly with the tech innovations and possibilities it offers to Brunswick Pro Bowling. Our bowling game was at an early stage back in March when we first showed it; but even with just our first pass at the PlayStation Move motion controls, the game was already fun.

    Our physics and bowling controls have come a long way over the past month. We can't wait to show off Brunswick Pro Bowling at E3 this June!

    [imglink=|PlayStation Move PS3 Developer Diary: Brunswick Pro Bowling][/imglink]
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    There are so many possibilties for MOVE. However I guess Bowling will never be as realistic as any other game featuring MOVE.

    I know bowling from the Wii and yes - it sucks. But not only because of the unpredictable controls but also because you will never have that heavy-weight bowling feel. The heavy ball - that's what makes bowling bowling. You just can't simulate that.
    Punching, sword-fighting, fishing - close to realism. But bowling... nah.

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