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    [email protected] working, but you can't play!

    Update: beefmanbeefer has confirmed it to be working with PS3 Firmware 2.20, however, based on reports it appears it doesn't work with lower Firmware versions.

    He also shared a video (below) and states: Here is PS3 Home BETA crashing, what I do in the video is this: First I try to connect to the servers and it fails. Then I press X to try to connect again, and almost simultaneously I press the PS button and go to quit. It then says please wait and then the ps3 finally crashes when you hear the 2 beeps.

    Hi, My name is Krystian and my english is bad, that's all about me :)

    I found some interesting thing when I was 'playing' with PS3.ProxyServer. I replaced some XML files, and now I can install [email protected] public BETA Trial from [email protected] servers in XMB.

    I think it's to prepare for real open BETA, and that will be unlocked very soon by Sony.

    Full details, download links, and screens HERE!

    PlayStation@Home working, but you can't play!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    As this is just the Site News copy, those interested can discuss this in the original thread here:


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