PlayStation Home Online Community Specialist Locust_Star has unveiled new Star Wars content, IREM Seaside of Memories, two new personal spaces and more today!

To quote: Over the past few weeks, we've received tons of requests from you in-world, via Blog comments and in the official PlayStation Home forums.

You've asked for more Star Wars and Indiana Jones offerings in the recently-opened Lucas Arts store. You've asked for us to bring over the Irem Seaside of Memories public space.

You've asked for more dazzling personal spaces in tropical locales. So we're bringing these things (and more) to you, the loyal PlayStation Home community tomorrow, March 4. Want more info? Read on, my friends...

You asked for more lightsabers - you got 'em! You wanted more costumes, like the Dark Lord's armor Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? Or maybe you want to dress up like a Clone Trooper? As a hardcore Indiana Jones fan, you might want Mutt Williams' gear or a Crystal Skull for your personal space.

That's why our friends over at LucasArts are stocking the shelves with tons of hot new items this week (as well as dropping a Yoda Fountain in Central that answers all of your pressing questions). Here's a taste of what to expect come Thursday morning.

We're pleased to announce that the highly-requested Irem Seaside of Memories public space - with its resort-like atmosphere, complete with three huts (including one swimwear storefront), white sand beaches, and some totally rad rewards for all you guys and the gals - is launching this week.

This serene oceanfront locale is the perfect place to catch some sun, take a swim, and just chill out with your friends. Check out the pics below for a sneak peek of what is in store for you this week.

In these short winter days it oftentimes feels like you can never have too much sun...or too much fun. And that's precisely why we have decided to release two new additions to our luxury personal space line.

These two spaces - a beautiful Santorini-based seaside mansion and a wave-faring Yacht - are the textbook definition of opulence and affluence. Since these dazzling new spaces complement one another perfectly, we'll be bundling them together at a reduced price of $7.99 (they will also be available for $4.99 separately). Look at the pics to get a better look at these fantastic new personal spaces.

In terms of what is going down this week in the PlayStation Home Theater, you'll find the newest episode of The Tester - the PlayStation Network exclusive reality series - playing come this Thursday (the previous week's episode will be screening in the lobby for those of you who need to catch up).

We're also releasing a new The Tester commemorative item, pictured below. In addition to The Tester footage, you'll find new footage from this here Blog, including videos relating to BioShock 2 and Final Fantasy XIII.

Finally, we'll be offering you a chance to enter a raffle for a chance to win one of 50 free Warhawk personal spaces. All you'll have to do is follow the instructions on the Warhawk posters plastered around PlayStation Home this week to enter. See you in Home!

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