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Thread: PlayStation Home Release Date - Debate

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    cs475x Guest

    Arrow PlayStation Home Release Date - Debate

    I myself 'hope' a date for open beta and/or full release will be announced tonight at OGC (and most likely have the info spread around the net at least 1 hour after its over)

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    Sooner would be nice, but chances are it won't be until at least April or May.

    Do let us know if anyone hears anything definitive though!

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    cs475x Guest
    will do, and i also think it wont be out till may, but before summer starts

    i already have a little bit of information but im pretty sure u all know of it

    btw, i have a dl link for home beta (from the PSN store) that i found on a website, and i can share if you want to try it...

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    If it's not already listed you can add it to the STICKY thread for the PSN store links sure!

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    edpsx Guest
    Download wont work for anyone not actually in the beta. They check login credentials when its fired up.

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    ricorodriguez Guest
    I'm in the beta and it looks like things won't be released for a while tbh. It is quite laggy with just 50 people in it, so imagine half the ps3 owners all going on at once

    It just seems a little unfinished and empty still, but it's seems that in the last year changes have been made so slowly. i have seen the leaked home photos from the gdc, and it currently looks nothing like them.

    the link's this if you haven't seen them:

    or if you can read japenese:


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