SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has announced today that the PlayStation Home LOOT Store is opening with Cabin Boy!

To quote: We're updating the Shopping Centre this week, as LOOT move in with their own store. Replacing the Diesel store, the LOOT store is a massive vault where you'll be able to pick up everything LOOT related.

Launching concurrently with the new store is LOOT's arcade game Cabin Boy, which can be added to any personal space. Even better, the furniture piece is now available in two styles to choose from!

Cabin Boy challenges you to a retro game involving juggling multiple tasks - such as catching fish - to post the highest score you can. And keep an eye out for more to come soon!

Also available in PlayStation Home this week is a new hairstyle from Lockwood. For furnishing your apartment there's a pair of wonderfully detailed Sun and Earth lamps. From Sodium there's new teleporter pads that you can place in your personal space to get from one side to the other faster than ever before.

Looking for something new to decorate your personal space and a fan of Street Fighter 4? Good news this week, then, as the Street Fighter 4 statuettes have arrived! There's a huge collection of characters to choose from - or collect them all!

Check out Alter Ego this week for a range of Top Gun outfits, including flight suits of the iconic characters Maverick, Goose and Iceman alongside khaki and dress uniforms. Finally, Dead Rising 2 shuffles its way into the stores, with a selection of clothing and unique weapon ornaments.

[imglink=|PlayStation Home: LOOT Store Opens with Cabin Boy!][/imglink]
[imglink=|PlayStation Home: LOOT Store Opens with Cabin Boy!][/imglink]
[imglink=|PlayStation Home: LOOT Store Opens with Cabin Boy!][/imglink]
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