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Thread: PlayStation Home to Include Adult-Only Areas

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    PlayStation Home to Include Adult-Only Areas

    PlayStation's Home becomes more clear, with the news that the service will host over 18 areas where restricted trailers and possibly casinos will dwell.

    If these areas resemble those near my home that have the same services, it might be best to to move.

    During the recent Edinburgh Interactive Festival, Peter Edward, director of the PlayStation Home Platform Group, and Jamie McDonald, VP of Sony Worldwide Studios revealed some rather interesting morsels related to Sonyís eagerly anticipated virtual life experience Home to Steve Boxer.

    When asked whether Home will contain any areas where entrance is governed strictly by age (namely 18 and older), Edward replied that there probably wonít be that many cropping up in Homeís short term existence, "but in the long-term, we expect to see them."

    The Home Platform Group director then suggested that while nothing sinister (read: pornographic or illegal) is likely to appear in Sonyís world, it is possible that the odd casino could pop up or perhaps movie theatres where users could go to watch mature-rated videogame trailers.

    Acknowledging that many other adult-only themed areas could conceivably come into play, Edward reinforced Sonyís ultimate control by saying that "we have the ability to age-protect areas, and I think thatís something that we will inevitably make use of."

    "So, itís clearly not Second Life." More PlayStation 3 News...

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    It's going to be very difficult for Sony to regulate what is going to happen when Home reaches the masses. I expect to see a lot of people inviting people into their homes so they can stream movies and let people watch them. I doubt that Sony can regulate what kind of media is played once they allow people to share it. It's going to be the same with LittleBigPlanet even though there are going to be moderators.

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