SCEE's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has revealed that FevaArena is going global alongside London Pub updates this week in PlayStation Home.

To quote: This week we get into the full spirit of the World Cup, opening the doors on the "Global Lounge". In a PlayStationHome first, visitors from all four Home regions will mingle in the same space to discuss the World Cup and partake in games and special events.

Moving on from football, the folks at VeeMee have something special for owners of The London Pub this week. Based on popular feedback from the community when The London Pub was first released in January, the Darts mini-game included in the space will be updated this week - for free! - with an all-new game mode: Killer. Invite your friends to your local to check out this new Darts rules set!

Keen on a disco party? This week we're releasing the perfect disco furniture set from Lockwood! Consisting of the Animated Disco Rig, Laser Light Show stand, large Flashing Disco Floor, and Multi-colour Helium Balloons, and Blue Neon Sofa you'll have all the tools you need to create an amazing light show in your personal space or clubhouse. Not happy with merely lighting up your space? Pick up the glowing yellow shoes or animated glowing equaliser shirt for your avatar!

Finally, another small update for fans of Loco Roco with new hoody and slipper variants available in the store. See below:

Some of you may have heard about a new European Home Square being produced. We're not quite ready to announce a specific release date for the new space yet, however with that time rapidly approaching farewell parties are beginning to be organised.

If you want to help farewell our long-serving current Home Square, keep your eyes on the official PlayStation Home forum for event threads such as this one.

[imglink=|PlayStation Home: FevaArena Goes Global, London Pub Updated][/imglink]
[imglink=|PlayStation Home: FevaArena Goes Global, London Pub Updated][/imglink]
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