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Thread: PlayStation Home Beta: Uncharted Access Codes Available!

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    PlayStation Home Beta: Uncharted Access Codes Available!

    The Home Public beta went live today opening up the Uncharted: Sully Bar Room. The bar has a jungle setting with a small side room with a few chairs and tables set up.

    The main room includes a bar, three arcade machines, a jukebox, and several portraits of the Uncharted characters along with several "paintings" of specific scenes from the game.

    On the first floor there is a door that leads to the "Smuggler's Den." To Access the door enter the code is 1024 then turn the dial to 1577383. Inside the Smuggler's Den is a number of large chairs, tables, animal heads, painting, and artifacts.

    On the opposite wall to the fireplace is an Artifact Viewer "game" that lets you see close ups of all the artifacts from the game.

    Upstairs there is two doors that require keypads to enter the rooms on the other side.

    The room on the left is the Film Room, which gives access to how the game was made including early art of Drake. The access code is 41675.

    The room on the right is the Artifact Room, filled with painting of the island from Uncharted along with all the treasures that be received. The access code is 24312.

    Feel free to share any more codes discovered in the comments below! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thanx for the codes Now only find a moment when i do not get the C-931 error

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