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Thread: PlayStation Home 1.0 Update Release Available November 20th

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    51N15T3R Guest

    PlayStation Home 1.0 Update Release Available November 20th

    To quote via PlayStation Underground: Tomorrow, we are releasing a new version of PlayStation Home called PlayStation Home 1.0. This version will add some exciting new features and fix several known bugs, preparing us for launch into Open Beta. You can find the full list of new features below.

    Highlights include new emotes and dance moves for avatars, new arcade games, new ways to launch into games from PlayStation Home, a new game rewards system, and much, much more! We think you'll enjoy these many changes and improvements.

    Home will be down for a period of time tomorrow to prepare for the launch of Version 1.0. I will let you know in the forums when it is back up.

    We will be inviting a tremendous number of new beta testers soon, and conducting a massive load test this Friday night, November 21st. We will have an event to celebrate the moment. Stay tuned for further information as your assistance with this event is greatly appreciated.

    Please note that the new users will not have access to the closed beta forums, as we will be transitioning to a new system in preparation for launch. More information on this to follow...

    During the first weeks of the release of version 1.0, we will focus on testing core PlayStation Home assets and will need your help, and release additional content on an ongoing basis. You will notice that your 0.98 clothing and apartment decoration items will have temporarily disappeared from your inventory. Never fear, after a period of time, you will be able to get these back by going to the Mall and reacquiring them through the storefronts.

    Installation and the First Visit

    When you run PlayStation Home for the first time you will be prompted to reserve space on your hard drive into which data can be downloaded now and in the future. PlayStation Home will occupy 3077MB of Space on your hard drive as before.

    Something new will be our simple, interactive tutorial. This introduces many of the core aspects of PlayStation Home and is available to review in your apartment. If you want to go through the tutorial again there is an option to reset it in the new Menu Pad.

    Clubs and Clubhouses

    A Clubhouse is a personal space for club members to meet in, and remains available for use even when the leader of the club is offline. The first active feature for Clubhouses is the bulletin board where the leader and, optionally, the sub-leaders can leave announcements for the whole club to read.

    Over time new premium Clubhouse designs will become available, as will other tools and services to support and personalize your club. Please note that we are currently testing this feature, and clubs created in Closed Beta will be deleted when Open Beta starts. More information on this to follow soon.

    Some facts on clubs:

    - A user can own only one club at a time
    - A user can be a member of a total of five clubs, which includes any self-owned club. You can own one club and be a member of four others, or simply be a member of five clubs owned by other people
    - Each club has one leader (the owner) and up to four sub-leaders
    - A club can have up to 32 members
    - Each club name is unique
    - Announcements are currently limited to four simultaneous announcements
    - You can send requests to join a club and leaders can send invitations

    Background Downloading

    When you first visit a Space it will be downloaded to your PlayStation 3, but now you will be offered the choice of downloading it in the background. This can be used on multiple spaces at the same time. When each download is complete a message will appear to let you know, and will ask if you would like to go to that Space now.


    We have spent some time on the dances and you'll find they have improved. We have removed a few of the less popular moves to make room for some new dances that should cater to your dancing needs better.

    You will also find that you are now able to sit on the floor just about anywhere you like. That option is under the "extra" menu available by pressing R1. Some emotes are available while seated on the floor.

    Age Limits and Ratings

    Home itself is not a game and is therefore not age-rated as such. SCEA's age limit for PlayStation Home will be 13 and up from the start of Open Beta, but will remain 18 and over during the Closed Beta.

    Certain things within PlayStation Home will be specifically age-rated, however, and age ratings will be displayed and enforced where applicable.

    Menu Pad

    The vPSP has been replaced by our new Menu Pad. This has allowed us to reorganize the menus so you should find the presentation and flow of options faster and easier to navigate. Additionally, we can now support in-game XMB throughout PlayStation Home.

    Profanity Filter

    We have completely replaced the profanity filter with a far more adaptable and flexible system which is able to deal with languages in isolation from each other.

    Regional Travel

    Currently, regional travel is accessible in your Personal Spaces and Clubhouses so you'll be able to chat and visit with friends, game launch and form clubs with people from other parts of the world. As we continue to experiment with global travel in the Closed Beta, licensing, contracts, moderation, localization and regional business direction will need to be considered. Given this, we will keep the public areas exclusive to users from their own regions for the time being.

    Interface Changes

    When you select full screen on something like a video or poster, it will now ensure you have a clear view by making anyone standing in the way invisible to you.

    The information you see above someone's avatar has changed with added functionality. For example, if an avatar is setting up a game launching session, the name of the game and how many other people are in the group will now be displayed.

    The friends list has had a small change and now a star will appear next to a friend's name if you are both in the same area in PlayStation Home.


    The shopping interface in the Mall has been rebuilt and now closely resembles the PlayStation Store interface.

    The Game Space has been renamed the Bowling Alley and many improvements have been made to the games inside. Pool has been overhauled and now includes a strength gauge for your shots. Bowling has had many changes made to it including full animations for players while bowling and a much improved interface.

    We also have two new games for the arcade: Ice Breaker and Echochrome, both of which feature rewards. Some of the older arcade games have been removed for updating, and many will return soon, along with some new surprises.

    Please note that several of the branded game spaces will be unavailable for a period of time. This will assist us in load testing the core spaces in preparation for launch.


    Both Echochrome and Ice Breaker include our new system of Rewards. This is a means of giving PlayStation Home items as rewards for activities, trophies and other accomplishments both within and outside of Home, right across the PlayStation Network.

    Grief Types

    The first proper list of Grief Types is now live and replaces the old list completely. These are the categories of griefing that you can report other users for using the "Submit a Report" function. Further types will be added in the coming weeks.

    Store items (Note: this only applies to the testers that had version 0.98)

    As discussed earlier, items that you previously obtained from the stores in the Mall will be missing. Clothing that you were wearing will be replaced by default clothing and furniture will be gone. However, you can reacquire these items from the Mall once the items return.

    Reward items from competitions, games and puzzles will be unaffected by this. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thanks for sharing the news 51N15T3R and +Rep!

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    xandura Guest
    Great! keep hoping i'm invited to be a beta tester, all we gotta do is download that theme and wait right?

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I can't wait for home, It was suppose to come out in the summer, or spring. I forgot. Anyway I this is good news because it will be out soon.

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    sekemc Guest
    Wow I'm excited for this again! This a lot of new features and overhaul, thanks Sony!

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    Some additional info is here on the PlayStation Closed Beta site:

    In short, it says clubs will be a for-pay service. "Club is a service that requires regular payment. During Closed Beta test users can enjoy this service free of charge." However, a Sony developer clarifies saying "Clubs do not cost money. There will be premium club houses."

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    moditripit Guest
    I received an invitation to Home at 5am EST Nov 21. I I'm installing it now. It says in the e-mail that they're doing a load test from nov 27 - dec 2. I didn't even know they were still sending out invitations.

    Also note, this is a japanese account that was invited.

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    gargi45 Guest
    OMG as i was reading this forum i went to see my e mail and guess what? i just got a HOME BETA CODE i'm almost crying of excitement lol is says this WELCOME TO HOME BETA
    Dear PlayStation®Network member,
    Congratulations, you have been selected to help beta test PlayStation®Home! 
    We appreciate your help in making the PlayStation®Home experience the best it can be! Please log in to Home this evening from 6 pm - 8 pm PST for a big celebration of Version 1.0 and a load test of our new features. 
    How to download
    After you have signed in with your PlayStation®Network Account:
    - Go to the PlayStation®Store on the PLAYSTATION(R)3 system XMB™ (XrossMediaBar)
    - Select "Redeem Codes"
    - Enter the code (below)
    - Click "Continue"
    - The download will be available on the next screen
    Please do not ask as I will not give it away, but if you want home what i did is intall the theme a month and a half ago.. now to install home!

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    legend116911 Guest
    The beta is the only thing out for this right now. It looks really awesome! pretty good having a real life SIMS.

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xandura View Post
    Great! keep hoping i'm invited to be a beta tester, all we gotta do is download that theme and wait right?
    I received an invite into the closed beta a couple weeks ago by downloading the theme according to the email I received from Sony. I had downloaded that theme when it first came out however, so the wait was very long.

    It looks like a ton of invites are going out now and next week, all at random of course. It probably won't hurt your chances to download the theme though.

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