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Thread: PlayStation 3 Integration Added to BitTorrent Client uTorrent v3.1

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    PlayStation 3 Integration Added to BitTorrent Client uTorrent v3.1

    Recently BitTorrent client uTorrent has announced the addition of PlayStation 3, Android, iOS and XBox 360 integration via USB in their latest build.

    Download: uTorrent v3.1

    Aside from the usual bug fixes, the new release allows users to drag and drop downloaded files to Apple and Android devices, as well as the PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles. This allows users to quickly sync downloaded content to these devices.

    Below are the changes, as follows:

    2011-09-19: Version 3.1 alpha (build 25671)

    - Fix: Add Devices Pane does not show Tabs Context Menu on right click
    - Fix: Drag and drop from files tab to non-Device Category item does not crash
    - Fix: memory leak
    - Change: don't show balloon tip when loading torrents with errors on startup

    2011-09-15: Version 3.1 alpha (build 25664)

    - Fix: Memory leak in seperate resume files and bencoded entities.
    - Fix: Speed up Torrent View Drawing
    - Change: Automatic Detection of USB storage devices
    - Change: Added a Device node - used to add and keep track of USB storage devices added by the user
    - Change: Can Add Apple, Android, PS3, XBOX360 devices
    - Change: Can Hide main Device Node
    - Change: Remove specific devices by right clicking in the Left Hand side Category tree
    - Change: Ability to Drag Torrents from Torrents view to Devices
    - Change: Ability to Drag Files from Files Tab to Devices
    - Change: Opening multiple torrent folders with return/enter key - asks user "are you sure?"
    - Fix: Shutdown Hang when deleting torrents
    - Fix: downloads would not show up in the RSS feed view
    - Feature: support BEP 33 (DHT scrape)
    - Fix: prompt the user when opening containing folders if more than 10 torrents are selected (PT story #15525561)
    - Fix: do not send advanced hidden settings back to the WebUI (PT story #15573343)
    - Fix: cattree spinner does not stop spinning when adding a invalid torrent URL from a btapp (PT story #15617649)
    - Feature: Enable pairing from LAN IP ranges, to enable LAN streaming.

    [imglink=|PlayStation 3 Integration Added to BitTorrent Client uTorrent v3.1][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Ezio Guest
    The torrent files on PS3, I did not expect this.

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    I never tried the uTorrent Bittorrent Client myself, in the past though I've used Azureus which apparently is now called Vuze... but not to my PS3 only via PC.

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    Ezio Guest
    Just I use UTorrent for torrent files, but only via PC. However I don't like torrent files, sometimes they are too slow ..

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The only torrent I ever used was limewire to download songs. I now usually use a youtube downloader to download my songs.

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    Yea, I remember the Limewire days as well... it appears they are RIP now, or at least their site when I try going there I only see:

    LimeWire is under a court order dated October 26, 2010 to stop distributing the LimeWire software. A copy of the injunction can be found here. LimeWire LLC, its directors and officers, are taking all steps to comply with the injunction.

    We have very recently become aware of unauthorized applications on the internet purporting to use the LimeWire name. We demand that all persons using the LimeWire software, name, or trademark in order to upload or download copyrighted works in any manner cease and desist from doing so. We further remind you that the unauthorized uploading and downloading of copyrighted works is illegal.

    If you have downloaded LimeWire software in the past, files on your personal computers containing private or sensitive information may have been inadvertently shared and you should use your best efforts to remove the software from your computers.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I never knew that limewire was no more, we shared a lot of memories together , downloading songs and infecting my computer with viruses at the same time ignorantly, those were the days.

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    Foo Guest
    Is this official? Like from Sony? It's in PSN News so I'm having confusion to whether it's homebrew or not.

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    It's only official from uTorrent, it isn't like an official client from Sony and it isn't PS3 homebrew either but it's basically a PC BT client.

    The PlayStation 3 and PSN News section here covers any PS3-related news that isn't CFW, Guides, Hacks or Themes since those have their own sections.

    We used to have more sections but we merged them before updating our Portal to vB4 to make things easier when we finally got around to that... and let me tell ya I'm glad that work is done also!

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    HAVOK7 Guest
    and this is something useful, i can't live without torrents

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