Update: The space is called the Media Event Room where Sony will be able to bring content from different conventions right onto PSN through Home. Now you can feel like your in the convention yourself without even attending! Now if we can get live coverage that would be the bit hit for this room. Regardless we got three news screens below showing off whatís currently inside.

mbsaeger of the PlayStation forums found some interesting content in the Home video from Leipzig Game Convention.

The screenshots below were shown in the video for nearly a split second, and most users who commented have yet to see this room. If you view the images below you will notice that the room connects to several other spaces that specialize in different games.

One for example being Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty seen in the second picture. Also if you have a sharp eye you might notice the Resistance logo on the right side of the third picture.

Innervision96x who claims to be a BETA tester has posted in the thread commenting that the room is locked off to BETA testers.

"Nope, itís currently the only location locked off..."

DarKoz, a member of the forums, then posted a comment that this room has in-fact been used before, but now has a new look.

"That room is old, is the room of that Ubisoft Event that was shown in Home around May IIRC. I have seen it before thought, but not with Playstation Home banner and Sony games in it, but is the same room."

New room or new redesign? Sony has really been tweaking the service as much as they can before a public release. While the information on this room is still unknown a reasonable guess would to assume that the room will be a virtual convention to go long with real world conventions occurring at the same time. It would make sense for itís split second appearance at Leipzig, and how DarKoz claims to have seen this at the Ubisoft Event back in the spring. More PlayStation 3 News...