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Thread: PlayStation 3 Home BETA Ending Soon, Final 1.0 Expected

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    Starlight Guest

    PlayStation 3 Home BETA Ending Soon, Final 1.0 Expected

    According to the official Japanese SCEJ site, the current closed PlayStation 3 Home BETA is due to end in a matter of weeks, presumably then opening up the final 1.0 version to a wider public.

    Additionally, here’s a list of companies that have signed up as partners for Home, providing content, spaces etc:

    - IREM
    - Activision
    - Acquire
    - Atlus
    - Walt Disney Japan
    - SNK
    - EA
    - Capcom
    - Q Entertainment
    - Game Republic
    - Genki
    - Koei
    - Konami
    - Spike
    - Sega
    - D3 Publisher
    - Tecmo
    - Nippon Ichi Software
    - Hudson
    - Bandai Namco Games
    - Ubisoft

    Finally, Home has a major presence at TGS this year, as can be seen by these photographs from the show. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    killinudog Guest

    Home - More Beta Babble

    Closed beta, open beta, hey sony, you know what they can do with home and its in relation to where the sun doesn't shine. this added app for all us ps3 owners is getting a little played out and old.

    I own all three systems and i would rather see more games for the ps3 that are developed first for the system than rather an import version from the 360. The ps3 has a lot to catch up with but there both good systems with a lot to offer a gamer (guy or girl) but dragging this app through numerous blogs, websites, etc. saying look what we added today, "oh wait your not in the beta,s o sorry... hold on tight your time is coming"...

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    supagene Guest


    I don't know what you guys think, but any new news for ps3 is good news right now. I just wish they lowered the prices on the ps3 in November. I already own one but I know plenty of people who would love to have one but can't get past the sticker price.

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