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Thread: PlayStation 3 HDD 15-Minute Installation Confirmed for InFamous

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    PlayStation 3 HDD 15-Minute Installation Confirmed for InFamous

    In a recent interview, Brian Flemming indicates that a 15-minute mandatory install on Infamous for the PS3 kills the immersion at the start of the game.

    Apparently, the game's developers are still toying with exactly where to put the install.

    To quote: Sucker Punch's Brian Flemming spoke a bit mandatory installs, saying that the developer believes the first 15 minutes of a game are the most crucial to pull gamers in, and that an install in those first 15 minutes kills that immersion.

    "[The first 15 minutes] is where people will transition From The world that they have into your universe. And you have this chance to get them and move them into your space, and capture their attention. And if you mess that up, whatever you did in that last boss battle just doesn't matter."

    Flemming continued, explaining that while they are still toying with when, where, and how to place mandatory install, "that 15-minute install is an absolute non-starter for us".

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    jevolution Guest
    personally, installs don't bug me that much as long as they inform you about it before hand... if i pop in a game expecting an install...ok cool..

    but if one occurs when not expecting... it could be annoying.

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    dodgydan2001 Guest
    The solution to these long installs is simple, give the user an option:

    1. One time 15 minute install
    2. Progressive install - Install the 1st level to the hdd (say its 2minutes), then once the user completes a level or a section install the next section of models/scripts/sounds/video or whatever is needed to the hdd.

    My idea isnt perfect, the first install may need to be up to 5 minutes but it might be better than a 15 minute wait.
    Also developers should think about using the consoles resources more, especially when they arent being completely used i.e. a slightly slower method of installing data in the background when playing or paused, aslong as theres spare resources why let them go to waste.

    I think developers need to be more imaginative in their software design, there are ways to work around these problems with a little imagination.

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