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    PlayStation 3 Guide: Setting Up Remote Play Between PSP & PS3

    Here is the third how-to guide, courtesy of Kristin Neirinckx (Associate Product Manager, SCEA) via PS Blog today:

    Today is kind of a big deal because Remote Play is arguably one of the coolest features available on the PLAYSTATION 3... and my personal favorite.

    This video will teach you how to set up Remote Play between your PS3 and PSP.

    I love being able to show off all of my photos, movies and music saved on my PS3's hard drive on my PSP... and it's a feature completely unique to PlayStation. Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I like how they edited remote play to make it look like it runs fast...

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    skrapps Guest
    ive tried to do this so many times, but when i shut down my ps3 and leave it in standby so that i can access it via remote play from anywhere, it shuts down and restarts itself and turns on. something is wrong with this thing..

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