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    PS3 Triangle Button Playstation 3

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    LOL....That is funny. I don't understand what is "RARE" in that last statement.

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    RARE is a company that makes many very good video games for Nintendo

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    ... But only mediocre games for M$ since M$ bought (stole?) them.

    On topic, thats hillarious. They did in fact steal rumble and analog sticks from nintendo, and I don't doubt something similar to that picture will be released for ps3 if revolution is a success.

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    analog stick not sticks nintendo only had 1 sony made two

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    hiliarous, nintendo has been very innovative over the years some of these statements are exaggerated but still pretty funny.

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    lol, this could come true.

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    HAHA. PSX came about because of a fallout between Nintendo and Sony over SNES.

    long time rivals.


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