Hey Guys,

I'm a newbie to the Ps3 linux scene and after doing some research and reading in the forums for a couple hours I just want to reiterate what I believe to understand is the easiest way to play a blu-ray w/o the disc on a ps3 (please correct me if i'm wrong):

-Use SAK to rip the Blu-ray (to an external HDD so you can transfer the files to a PC)
- Use this guide: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...tml#post154376
Starting at Step 3 reincode the files split by SAK so they are playable on the PS3

Also I was wondering if the only way to play blu-rays without the disc is by splitting them...it was hard to understand what the tutorial on UDF 2.5 was trying to accomplish exactly

Thanks ahead of time