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    PlayFire Unveils Official PlayStation Network Trophy Cards

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    Pictured below are the official designs for the PSN Trophy cards, which PlayFire.com has revealed to its members in conjunction with SCEE.

    PlayFire took the bull by the horns when SCEA released its Trophy features on PlayStation.com and allowed users to sync their PlayFire cards with their Trophy info.

    It's not automatic, but it's a lot faster than adding them individually. These new official cards, however, will "update automatically based on the Portal." We're not sure what the "Portal" is, but a Trophy card that updates automatically sounds great to us.

    These Trophy cards will be available from eu.playstation.com (though you can use a PSN account from any region) at some point soon. We'll be sure to let you know when they go live.

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    Yeah I just finished my playfire account last night. It's a really good website, I think I hit the nail on the head when I called it a myspace for gamers. The Difference is that my space should have been more like play fire. The ability to put the gadgets you have on your profile, is quite useful.

    We will say this. I hate myspace, facebook, and pretty much every other social site out there besides youtube. But I love playfire.com

    Anyway, if you want to add me on there my URL is... http://www.playfire.com/Cyan_Caze

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    yay! psn is getting better and better and is soon going to surpass xbl

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    Finally something for us!

    Finally there is something for the gamers in this world. I've never liked the idea of joining MySpace, Facebook, or any of the other social website since they become too cluttered with useless stuff in my opinion. But PlayFire has a purpose for me which is my main focus in life: gaming! Thanks for sharing this.


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