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    PS3 Square Button Play Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas in 720P, not 1080i!

    I rented Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas for PS3 last night, and about 2 minutes in I was thinking damn, did the guy give me the PS2 version instead of the PS3 version…everything was really blurry and the text on the title screen was pretty hard to read, went to the in game video options and it was telling me I need to turn the brightness up as it was a bit dark…

    Jumped back out to XMB, and sure enough it was PS3, so decided to change to 720p and play again, and the difference is HUGE! In 1080i it probably looks similar to Metal Gear and some other PS2 titles when I turn on the blurry option and run them full screen 1080i, in 720p it looks very sharp, the textures are very detailed and there is no sign of the blurriness on text.

    I’m thinking I should try Splinter Cell and some of the other Ubisoft games again, because I’ve pretty much always had it set to 1080i and some of them have looked horrible as well.

    This explains the weird reports on the net, some people saying it looks identical to the 360 version and other people saying it looks crap…

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    Yep its true. In the IGN review it says to play it in 720p as 1080i looks pants. I have almost completed Splinter Cell D:A and throughly enjoyed it. Got Vegas sat next to it but want to compete SC: DA before I play it.

    So in theory, should games be played in 720p or 1080i then as at the minute im running them in 1080i. Obviously will switch it for Vegas though.

    Have fun with it, is it good then?!

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    I played Splinter Cell in 1080i (I think), and it was pretty sharp for me. I have not played any other ubi games so I can't compare...yet. I'm waiting for Graw2!!!

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    Games at 1080i look pants on my LG 37" HDTV. The reason for this is that - although it can handle 1080i/p signalling - the number of physical pixels is only a little over 720p (1366x768 I believe). I think that this is the case for all 720p spec HDTV's that report they can display 1080i.

    Unless you're lucky enough to own a full HD set (1080p), then you will be wasting your time trying to run games at the said resolution. 1080i causes unnessecary flicker, and if the screen has a high refresh rate, you will not see the 'extra' detail anyway.

    My gripe is that when I set up my tv for the first time, my PS3 detected it, and automatically recommended 1080i as the setting. I think this is an oversight on Sonys part, as the resoution doesnt do the PS3 justice when the TV can't really display it.

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