The PSN's conquest to be home of the quirkiest downloadable titles continues. flow may have mesmerized audiences, but Q-Games is trying their own hand at something really new.

PixelJunk Eden, the next title in the PSN downloadable collection, is a rather strange platformer to describe. Players control a small creature called a "Grimp" (formed from the combination of "grip" and "jump") to explore a variety of constantly changing scenes.

By smashing into enemies, players release pollen that can help the plants grow and transform. As players develop, they'll be able to leap, swing, jump and soar higher than ever, trying to get all the energy and light from a level before time runs out.

There will be ten stages in all, rendered in full 1080p HD graphics. Music will come from an award-winning Japanese artist, Baiyon. Both rumble and tilt will be supported in the DualShock 3 controller, and online trophies and leaderboards will be available.

Finally, PSP Remote Play will also be included, a feature also found in PixelJunk Monsters.


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