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Thread: Piracy on PS3: Human Traits Explain Why it Has Not Happened

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    Starlight Guest

    Piracy on PS3: Human Traits Explain Why it Has Not Happened

    Piracy of computer games is something we have all come to live with over the years. It has been around nearly as long as the games themselves, even being blames for the collapse of some consoles way back in the day. The Commodore Amiga was one such console.

    I was amazed when reading a really good article on video game piracy on a website to see that people who steal this stuff, or infringe copyright as they prefer to put it as they get a little squeamish about the word thief, really do think they are justified.

    Some of them see themselves as some sort of a modern day Robin Hood, and claim that it is victimless crime. Ask the people who lost their jobs at Commodore Amiga when that console went under if it is victimless.

    Anyway big companies such as Sony and Microsoft spend a lot of money trying to beat these thieves and for a while it seems to work, then the pirates crack the formula and it all starts again. It must be said though that the PS3 seems to have been one of the most successful consoles ever at avoiding this problem.

    There seems to be some common sense reasons for this, mainly related to things we already know about how people work. Let's take a look at how Sony have used human nature to thwart the pirates.

    People are cheapskates: This may seem crazy but it actually makes sense if you think about it. If you attempt to mod your PS3 and it screws it up you are deeply out of pocket, therefore, many are not prepared to take the risk.

    Maybe there was method in Sony's 'madness' with their pricing, many believe that the PS3 was overpriced but if this is the result I doubt very much that Sony are crying about it.

    People want what they can't have: Games on PS3 are region free. This means that the situation where people can't play a game because it is only released in Japan does not occur.

    People are contrary creatures and if they are told they cannot have something many of them are bound to want to desperately, enough even to risk ruining their console to get it. Once they have modified their machine the flood gate ares open.

    People have no patience: the much maligned, in some circles,blue ray also has a hand in why piracy is so far giving the PS3 such a big swerve.

    The huge size of the files means that it would take someone days to download potentially, well a very long time, anyway. People cannot be bothered. Time is money after all so most folk would rather just got out and buy the game.

    Sony have tapped into some vital traits of human nature to keep out the pirates on their system. If you want a top PS3 game, basically, you are going to have to buy it and that is how it should be.

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    BigBlarg Guest
    Well well... I don't know really much about PS3 and 360 piracy, but the reason the PS3 haven't been pirated yet... couldn't it be simply because Sony made a better work to protect the PS3?

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    gtxboyracer Guest


    It also means that Sony actually did some descent research and development into securing down the console - where as microsoft didnt.. and bam it was exploited. Same thing happened with the PSP. One mistake but i guess it was a learning curve for Sony to ensure the same thing didnt happen to the PS3. Also the fact that Sony *might* have teams of dedicated workers to try and break it - (its own hackers) so they can "pro-actively" fix holes in security before the general public get to find them.

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    ddsdavey Guest
    DO YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT ONE MAIN REASON THE PS3 IS UNHACKKED IS BECAUSE THE CONSOLE IS... EXPENSIVE LMFAO,its not the first expensive console and anyway how much was the Wii when it first appeared? Just as much as aPs3 thats how much yet it was the first and easiest to hack.

    I dont see the point in this piece,at best your stating the obvious assumptions and at worst totally incorrect details (Amiga was NOT a console but a full blown computer with key board etc and it lasted YEARS,the only reason it died (after a healthy long life) was due to the appearance of the first 486 pcs etc.

    To say Humanity is the reason is just unbelievably naive.
    Cause its too expensive,WTF!!!

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    Starlight Guest

    Thumbs Up

    You bet sony did their homework when they made the ps3, but human trait will down the line maybe find a backup solution for the ps3 as this is just human nature, they build it and we hack it.. eventually..

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    I'm pretty sure that if there were an ISO loader for the PlayStation 3, piracy would be huge! I understand the concepts of the article but I don't fully agree that these are the only reasons why piracy has not occurred on the PlayStation 3.

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    gtxboyracer Guest


    The Amiga - or more specifically Commodore - didnt die because of the PC.. it was way more advanced than any PC at the time.. multi-tasking Workbench (like windows) full 256 Colors, only needed 1MB ram - where the closest PC was Black/White or EGA (16 colors) - and didnt have a descent GUI interface at all.

    The reason they went out; is because Commodore went bankrupt. Otherwise they would've flowerish, and would've been a major contender today against PC and MAC..

    Sucks, but thats the way life goes.

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    Neikos Guest
    if they could hack the ps3 and make it run some PS3 backups i'm sure that SONY will sell even more consoles...

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    If we had an iso loader the forums would be flooded with cheap hackers and wannabes stealing left and right games they dont own, look at the 360. The reason a lot of us take care of our machines is because we bought it knowing we were going to pay premium for the games and no freebies so the userbase is different here.

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    Shrink Guest

    The reason

    The reson why the PS3 has not been hacked yet is plain and simple: The system is a hybrid and open System.

    You can cut out the people hacking a console because they want to run their emulators or selfmade programs.
    There is Linux. You can install that and the Homebrew-Scene is satisfied. Look at all the other consoles that were hacked! Most of them were opened up because of homebrew or because of some people wanted them to run Linux.

    The open structure of the PS3 combined with a very good security system is the reason. Nothing else!

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