We've got all-new photos of the new $400 PS3 40GB -- read on for in-depth comparisons between it and the older models. Is there anything different?

Judging by looks alone, it appears the "new" 40GB PS3 is, in fact, thinner. GamePro is currently trying to confirm this information with Sony HQ; in the meantime, check out our comparison shots!

Sony announced today that it will begin selling the cheaper, $399-priced 40GB PlayStation 3 in the U.S. on Nov. 2 in an effort to boost slow sales.

As previously reported, the 40GB PS3 excludes backwards compatibility of PS2 games and features two USB ports instead of four. In addition to introducing a cheaper PS3, Sony immediately cut the price of the 80GB MotorStorm bundle to $499 as expected. Read the full story.

Here are the first images of the new, cheaper 40GB PS3. Notice anything different?

In pictures: The new 40GB PS3

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