"Sony's Phil Harrison has got some confident words to say about the next-gen DVD race and their next-gen, the PS3. Says Harrison, "I think we have everything that we need to compete, not just relative to the other players in the market but also to grow the market. This is something that is part of our corporate culture."

He also believes that they will be able to retain their position as the leader in the next-gen war, with the Blu-Ray's success helping out in the boom of the PS3 sales. And that ain't the only ammo they have. There's also, of course, the games and the online services that are luring people in buying their console.

But focusing on the Blu-ray, "In America, where PS3 disc is already out, Blu-ray disc is surging ahead as the next-generation movie format of choice. It's absolutely trouncing any other formats, and I think we'll see the same in Europe and the UK." And with more titles on the way out for the Blu-ray format, then it's sure to play a factor into the consumer psyche as time goes by."