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    rottenrotten Guest
    Last release not work for me..

  2. #12
    dezza Guest
    Most Linux distributions / ISO's won't boot because of incompatibility in latest firmwares ..

    It has nothing to do with petitboot being a "BAD" bootloader, because it's somehow similar to kboot and the others.

    All discs I've had to boot in kboot works in petitboot also and I think kboot is superior by far because it's not that heavy ..

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    Se7enLC Guest

    Petitboot not booting without interaction

    Anybody know why this is? Both the graphical version and the text-only version work fine for selecting a boot config and booting, but neither one is honoring the timeout= option. Anybody using this bootloader or have a suggestion for an alternative one that will work? Thanks.

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    CompTronicsTec Guest
    I was actually pleasantly surprised with Petitboot. Worked for me with 0 configuration, recognized ubuntu on a usb drive, a live cd, and on the internal hdd.

    It had options for easily changing the screen resolution or booting to XMB.

    I liked that it was not only graphical in nature but professional looking. I actually contacted one of the devs via email to see if they planned on making petitboot for the PC, thats how much i liked it.

    Im not sure which version i am using, but if you run even one linux distro on the PS3 its a must...will make booting and getting back to xmb that much easier.

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    jabberosx Guest


    I use pdaXrom-NG Bootloader.. had better luck on it than petit for some reason. And also the fact that its updated more recently than petit may make a difference.

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