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    This story has already been totally debunked. There were hundreds and hundreds of people lining up in Japan, people pushing, etc...the works. Some guys in the US got kicked out of line at a Best Buy because they said they weren't allowed to line up until the day before release.

    My old roommate is ditching school during half the week to start camping out on Wednesday with five of our other friends.

    I myself was lucky enough to grab a pre-order.

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    True that coheedcollapse!

    I remember seeing a photo and reports of eager Japanese gamers filling a parking garage and even then out and around the store waiting for a PS3! Some stores had as many as 1500+ people waiting to grab up a PS3 console.

    Ill attach a console size reference picture. It shows the sizes of:

    Nintendo gamecube
    What looks to be the prototype of the Wii
    The PS2 slimline
    The "fat" PS2
    Playstation 3
    M$ Xbox
    M$ Xbox 360

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    I saw on the news a few hours ago of hundreds of people lined up in front of that very shop shown in the picture above of ビック カメラ (Bic Camera). The report said that they had to turn people away around lunch time.
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    Yea, the report I read said there were 1500 people that they moved into the garage and then 75 more waiting outside with a sign at the back of the line saying they had no more and to not bother waiting LOL!

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    Now that's what i call loving the new (PS3) hardware..hehe..

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