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Thread: Patent Reveals Sony to Increase PS3 Power via External Processor

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    fattysc Guest

    Patent Reveals Sony to Increase PS3 Power via External Processor

    According to a recent SCEI patent, Sony plans to increase the PS3's power with an external processor.

    To quote from (linked above): "A Sony patent has hinted that they will release external processors to make the console even more powerful – without the need for a PS4.

    The benefits of an upgrade to the PS3 are obvious – allowing for a more powerful machine, without having to pay so much for a new console. However, the “PS3 External Processor” has its drawbacks: it wouldn’t give consumers the same experience as a full new console, and would run the risk of both fragmenting and confusing the market.

    The patent expressly states that several external processors may be used:

    In accordance with an alternative embodiment, two processor elements may be cascaded by each employing its respective BIC in a coherent symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) interface (or BIF) configuration. The coherent SMP interface (BIF) of each processing element is coupled to one another to set up a coherent interface there between."

    [imglink=|Patent Reveals Sony to Increase PS3 Power via External Processor][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Patent Reveals Sony to Increase PS3 Power via External Processor][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    moja Guest
    I read the patent on this thing... It is worded to be usable for several computer-based applications, but then describes 'hypothetical' uses for sharing bandwidth between graphics and external memory subsystems. I cannot decide how to speculate on this, but given the increasing R&D cost of developing new systems, I can understand creating an incremental upgrade of sorts (to at least extend the console life). I think boosting the system memory and graphics hardware would be a sound investment.

    I wonder if it could be used to leverage the rumored PS2 compatibility hardware add-on.

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    Thanks for the news fattysc, moved it to the main page now and +Rep!

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    KrzyInuYasha Guest
    Interesting concept though I wonder how it will connect to the system. Will it be a specialized port added to a new revision of PS3s. Or will it be backwards compatible to the current line using either USB or LAN connection. Both could work but I wonder how badly the USB bandwidth would limit it While the Ethernet would be faster it could add extra cost.

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    How is this thing supposed to connect to the PS3??

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    Tatsh2DX Guest
    If SOMEHOW the USB connects to somewhere besides the serial bus, that might be how.

    Otherwise, I see this as something for new PS3s. I certainly don't see where this could go other than USB (at great expense to the power it is supposed to bring) logically.

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    01010247 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BALLISTIKAL View Post
    How is this thing supposed to connect to the PS3??
    Well, assuming that varanty void = opening your console, the only way how to connect PS3's of today (not speaking of new REV) is just through USB (unlikely) or WI-FI (even more unlikely)... I think it'll work like external GPU's for laptops, but for PS3 it'd be just waste of money - PS3 is powerful enough today, so you'll need something really big and high-performance so it makes sense

    edit: ethernet is also the way to do it, but I think they'll make an ethernet switch then, coz still many people connect through cable to their router

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    DreaDNoughT1666 Guest
    yeah this sounds intresting and i would belive it could add the ps2 support, and as for connection, id say they would go with the ps2 method and have a stick out addon to where the harddrive inteface is and have the hdd on the inside of the mod and have the board bridge between the ps3 and the hdd too, tht way it would be both cost effective could be done so tht it looks nice AND have really good speed.

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    Shrink Guest
    Absolutely agreed. SUB and Ethernet are too slow. Not to speak of Bluetooth or Wifi... But an harddisk adaptor could do it. every console has an interchangable harddrive. So none would be left out. Also the speed would be tops compared to other interfaces. However I guess all of this is just a concept.

    Marketing would be way easier for a new console.

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    zzk2001 Guest


    Well seeing how well Add-on's did in the past with Atari Jaguar CD,SegaCD,Sega32X etc etc... O.. Wait they all sucked and failed hard core.

    Doing a Add-on for the PS3 would kill off Sony we done waited over the 5 year system life we deserve a NEW system not a Add-on, As it stands right now most people would be happy with the PS3 for the next 4-5 more years So i think they can come up with a PS4 that's under 500$ by then, Hell if it's a big improvement i would pay 600$ for a PS4.

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