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    PS3 Square Button To partition or not to partition

    ...that is the question

    as of 1.6 it's possible to install otheros without creating a new partition - i tried myself with SAK and it worked just fine - so should i do that for YDL? currently i have 2 partitions and since one HAS to be 10gig (right? you still can't change that can you) wouldn't it be better to keep it as one? so in theory you'd only run out of room when the whole hard disk is full? i was trying to update ydl and i couldn't due to lack of room - and i hadn't put on any media etc...

    or does anyone know how to partition 30/30?

    any help would be great thanks...

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    you cannot partition 30/30 only all ps3,50/10,10/50 those are the only options. as far as being able to install linux on the full 60 ps3 partition without formating ive never heard of that.

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    strange but true - it was a main feature of the 1.6 firmware - and it worked fine for the installation of SAK - just wondering if it would be beneficial for linux - could it allow access to the ps3 side?

    ps - you can try putting in a flashdisk with SAK or linux i guess and trying the install otheros option on a NON partitioned ps3 - it'll still say it needs to be partitioned - then it'll find the otheros and allow you to install


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