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    Dec 2007

    Paramount or not, Transformers on PS3 video!

    The HD-DVD put into an m2ts blu-ray package. Could be streamed direct or split onto multiple dvds.

    This shows from 1 of the split dvds. I have had this for a while, but as blu-ray momentum builds I just wanted to say f-off to Paramount for going HD-DVD.

    I wanted to get Transformers on blu-ray since I saw it in movies, now I had to create my own.


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    Dec 2007
    That's nice but Blue-ray will dominate :P

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    Dec 2006
    yep.. I wanted Transformers on BlueRay as well but panasonic #$@#@$@ and their greedy paws.. serves them right.

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    Jul 2007
    agree. just hope that ow with warner bluray willl win this war

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    Dec 2006
    no contest any more.. Though Universal is still sticking to HDDVD for the time being. Forcing the customers to chose one over other based on which movie they want. Which is stupid cuz in the end either
    a) customer will go for DVD version of the movie.. and they loose money.
    b) Customer wont buy the movie and they loose money.
    c) a Dual format support player will come.
    d) or the last loooong shot.. the propsed 1TB DVD will hit market. which will work on exisitng players also as well as HDDVD and BD players

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    Oct 2007
    Has someone performed this? I have the Transformers HD-DVD on my computer ...but I don't know how to use EVODemux or TSRemux. I was hoping there was a step-by-step guide ... but there isn't

    Edit: Oops disregard my previous post. I think I figured it out.

    I'm currently TsRemux-ing. I'm gonna try to convert it into a TS first, then to Blu-Ray.
    After converting to TS, I'll have to convert it to AVC

    PS: You can't edit your own reply?

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