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    Starlight Guest

    PAIN 'Amusement Park' tidbits revealed; video on Monday

    Nestled deep in the comments section of the official PAIN Blog, Producer Travis Williams has been busy responding to the community. There's plenty of back-and-forth banter, but there are also some hidden gems of info which we thought you might be interested in.

    PAIN's expansion pack, the Amusement Park, will be available this Summer for "less than $6.99" and a video of it in action will be shown on the official PlayStation Blog at some point tomorrow. A European release will happen simultaneously.

    With regards to trophies, this will be included in the expansion pack and won't end there. Travis says that "new trophies for PAIN will come out as long as we continue to add content."

    Hopefully this is a common occurrence, with future game expansions for existing titles bringing more trophies. Could this mean more Super Stardust HD trophies are coming at some point in the future? Considering there's no Platinum trophy, we're guessing so.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Taken83oveR Guest
    Hmmm something is not very clear here. Will you need to purchase the expansion, just to get Pain trophies? If so, that kinda sucks.

    Or will everyone be downloading the update(expansion) and receiving the trophies, and only those who bought the extra content, will have that content unlocked? (kinda worded funny, but I hope you get the idea).

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    DrFrankenstein Guest
    Looking forward to the extra level. Although I am not that great at the game getting no where near the points I have seen people got on youtube. I doubt they will force you to buy the update to get trophy support that will be a bit mean.

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    Nickd009 Guest
    I thought this was going to be free, mainly because it should have been included with the game when it was released. One level? Come on.

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