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Thread: Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty Fights Onto PlayStation Network

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    Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty Fights Onto PlayStation Network

    MonkeyPaw Games Marketing Manager Ray Almeda has announced today that Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty is fighting it's way onto PlayStation Network with details below.

    To quote: The Import section is now over a month old. Thanks for tuning in and showing interest!

    So far, we've built up the shooter portfolio with some old-school twitchers. Now we're going to switch gears and present a great fighter from Land of the Rising Yen.

    Our release this week will be Arcade Hits: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, a classic fighter from the era of when beat'em-ups ruled the consoles. It had progressive and pioneering elements that many future fighters mimicked.

    And in some aspects, it exceeded what the legendary games of the fighter class established. This was Data East's second major attempt at a fighting game series, after Fighters History.

    The game is set in the world of the ancient novel Water Margin, also known as the Legend of 108 Outlaws. In Japanese, the novel is translated as Suikoden - and this is a fighting game in that same universe. The story surrounds 12 of the 108 outlaws, testing their skills in Liangshan Marsh (where the novel takes place) as the Gods of War judge from the heavens.

    We hope you'll like this fighter as it really brings back the finer points of the retro era. While fighters were well-represented during this era, few stand the test of time better than Outlaws. We love Data East and their treasure trove of delectable goodies. Give this one a spin, it's a steal for just (EU) €4.99/3.99.

    MonkeyPaw has received a large amount of comments from the community. We know all of you would like to see Arc the Lad in English (coming soon... thanks for your patience!).

    We've also had many requests for new games. Many of you would like to see some big name games like Chrono Crisis or Xenogears.

    But we have limited possibilities to get licenses from publishers like Square Enix, Namco or Capcom. Our selection of games revolves around Japanese publishers who may not be able to market their library to the West.

    We're sorry we can't get all of the great ones but we'll do our best to deliver games high in quality, fun, and wackiness. Please try them out and enjoy them for what they are...lost gems from Japan.

    [imglink=|Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty Fights Onto PlayStation Network][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty Fights Onto PlayStation Network][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty Fights Onto PlayStation Network][/imglink]
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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This is why I'm happy with my CFW PS3 with multiple emulators were I can play 20 year old games for free.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I have both a cfw ps3 and an original ps3 for all my online gaming, and I just have to say the psn is amazing it keeps pumping great stuff ps1 classics, ps2 classics, free online gaming. Great service, for me at least it shows its value. People that don't have access to a cfw ps3 or modded xbox or just want to sit and play well they can play too for a few bucks, thats value!

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