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For the past couple of days, the news everywhere has been reporting how, Sony sold it's Cell Chip business to Toshiba: "Sony has sold it's billion dollar cell chip business to Toshiba after months of speculation. The deal will be finalized before Toshiba can officially operate facilities and production." What everybody seemed to miss about this news -especially me- was that these 'advanced' Cell processors were in fact the obsolete chip. As reghardware.co.uk sagely reports, Sony reaffirms IBM as 45nm Cell partner: the upcoming 45nm Cell chip for the PS3 will have, "a lower power and lower cost processor for its next-gen games console.. Sony's agreement to sell its [only it's] Nagasaki processor production plant to Toshiba.." That is, Sony dumped its outmoded Nagasaki fab plant on Toshiba, which now only can produce 65nm semiconductors and IBM will manufacture the new state-of-art 45nm Cell processor at its East Fishkill, New York facility for Sony's latest game machines.

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