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Thread: Other places to get MGS4 bundle

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    Tricknosis Guest

    Other places to get MGS4 bundle

    I bought mine yesterday so this post is merely a way for other people to try and get their own MGS4 from places other than the usual suspects. Here are a couple of places you may or may not of considered.

    These may seem obvious to some of you, let's keep it up and ADD New Places we have found.

    Blockbuster - There are 3 of them in my area within 20 miles and two of them had 3 unpurchased!


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    agentnumber2 Guest
    In Canada:

    Zellers has plenty
    The Source by Circuit City
    Real Canadian Superstore (Western Canada, only some locations)
    The usual Best Buy/Future Shop

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    Krazyxazn Guest
    Amazon or Circuit City..

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    absolute bargin deal
    saw it last night
    ps3 40gb, mgs4, race drvier grid 349.99

    afraid they dont do a mgs4 ony deal but considering both those games are pretty much new releases its worthwhile. i got the gta 4 and race driver grid bundle rather than the mgs4, ordered it last night

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    t3nk3n Guest
    got mine for $499.99CAD at Wal-mart. Also got the white dual shock 3 for $54.99CAD at SIG Electronics.

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    Drakhen Guest
    I got mine last Thursday, same day as release of Metal Gear and I didnt even choose next day...

    I really don't understand why people have problems finding them, I see the systems at local Eb games, target, and best buy, they all have plenty of stock. So if someone wants one they should be available...

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    Veralis Guest
    You can order it direct from Sony.

    Also Wal-Mart has a deal going that they will give you a $100 Gift Card with any purchase of a PS3.

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