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    ORB Digital Media center released for PS3

    ORB, which is a media center type program to stream music, movies, ... from your PC was released on the ps3. What makes it different is that you do not need to install anything, just fire up a browser from the ps3 and direct it to a link from your pc and your good to go.

    Orb NetworksTM announced today that SonyŽ PlayStation 3TM (PS3) game enthusiasts can now view and share all of the digital entertainment stored on their home PCs directly on their living room TV screen, using the company's software as the bridge. Orb turns the home PC into a personal broadcasting system, and lets users build and organize their own "channels" to enjoy their music, photos, video, TV, documents and other extras for viewing on any device with a streaming media player and Internet connection.

    The breakthrough gives PS3 users the ability to stream any kind of media from their PC to the TV through the Internet for the first time, a capability not available from Sony.
    Orb 2.0 Download:

    How Orb Works with the Sony PS3:

    1. Download Orb onto your on always-on Windows PC at home. It takes less than 3 minutes to do.
    2. Turn on your TV and open the Web browser on your PS3.
    3. Using your controller, log onto your Orb account through PS3 at That's it. Now enjoy, watch and listen to any digital content on your home PC - videos, music, Internet TV and radio or any other online content you programmed in your Orb MyCast application: they are now all airing on your TV screen.

    How Orb Works:

    Orb MyCasting makes it possible for people to organize, enjoy and share their videos, music, photos, TV, documents and other digital media when (time) and where (place) they want it, using the devices - be it a mobile phone, PDA or laptop - that they already own. The free software is downloaded onto an always-on home PC; there is no Orb player software download required or other add-ons to install on the device used. Once the Orb MyCasting application is installed, the user can use most any Internet-connected device with a streaming media player to stream their media content whenever and wherever they choose.

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    I added the info to our Site News- Thanks orighammer!

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    Seems like a handy piece of software, I'll be trying it Shame I don't have an N standard network at home really.

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    BTW, on a similar important note, anyone who refuses to update (Like Me ) You can still use the web browser if it is plugged up and internet is enabled (I have mine hooked up for linux but disabled in XMB just in case they do some crazy mandatory update code that disallows use until you upgrade)

    But yea that means those that haven't updated can still use this application and any other web based application.

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    Well, I tried it and have to say I'm not impressed. This basically sends files over the internet instead of LAN. So, anyone that has a slow upload speed (like me) won't get much use out of this. I'll stick to Red Kawa for now.

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    This seems totally wicked!! Good looking out orighammer

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    great idea but it doesnt work very well at all for video. video came up in a super small panel in the corner. when i made it full screen, it was like watching video at 3 frames per second. It wont see all my music either. Its an exciting idea but doesnt work.

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    thx I will try it out.

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