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Thread: OPM: First Review of Killzone 2 for PlayStation 3 Nabs 5/5

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    OPM: First Review of Killzone 2 for PlayStation 3 Nabs 5/5

    SpartanFX from VGChartz (linked above) reports that the OPM February issue has posted the first review of the stellar PS3 title Killzone 2. The game has got the perfect score as expected. The reviewer said:

    "The buddies alongside you in each battle have been expertly tuned to provide just enough cover and support to actively get your back on occasions, while never making it feel like they could acchieve every objective alone."

    "...the believability and consistency are hallmarks of the Killzone 2 expereince. None of the circumstances, weapons you find, locations you visit, or frankly any of the details in the world feel arbitrary. The world is consistently realized in its unappealing flavor."

    "...filled with moments that can handily be described as inspiring awe"

    - bots in offline multiplayer "perform pretty well"

    "Without a doubt Killzone fans, action, and shooter fans of any stripe will isntantly tag this sequel as a powerful contender for teh best game of 2009"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Well, Penny Arcade likes it.

    The first Killzone was over-hyped, but it looks like Killzone 2 will be more like the real deal. I'm not a huge fan of FPS on consoles (just too used to keyboard/mouse for those) but this might end up on my birthday list...

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