Although this requires installing the source for compatible libs, compiling, linking, etc (a binary would be a lot more end-user friendly), today SamuraiX has released an OpenBOR (Beats Of Rage) port for PS3 Linux!

To quote: Ok.... I'm finished! Here is a brand new shiny port of OpenBOR now running on PS3 Linux!!!

I used Ubuntu on my PS3, I would recommend as well that everyone uses Ubuntu for its ease of use towards downloading and installing the libraries need to get OpenBOR up and running on your PS3.

So here are the steps to get it running:

Grab the source here: svn co

Required Libs prior to compilation: libSDL, libSDL_gfx, LibSDL_mixer, LibSDL_image, zlib and libpng.
Automated Building type: ./
Manual Building type:
source 4

If you have used the automated process then under releases directory you will have a LINUX folder, Go to my site ( - registration required) and download a few mods aka pak files and place them in the Paks folder.

If you did not use the automated build system then create the following directories along side of the executable (case sensitive):
Paks, Logs, Saves, ScreenShots

Place the xbox/data/menu.pak into the Paks directory and the mods you downloaded from my site also into the Paks directory.

Note: Make sure all the directories have 777 for permissions.

Now you are ready for some good old school bashing! With Golden Axe - Remake I get 166 fps @ 480x272. Now obviously its not PS3 optimized (Waiting for PS3SDK from this great site here!) but compared to my PSP optimized port (120 fps @ the same resolution).

Not too shaby since Ubuntu does run rather slow on PS3.

[imglink=|OpenBOR (Beats Of Rage) port now available for PS3 Linux!][/imglink]

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