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Thread: One Thousand New Videos Are on VidZone for PlayStation 3

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    zoned Guest

    One Thousand New Videos Are on VidZone for PlayStation 3

    The most important feature of the update this week is an addition of ONE THOUSAND more videos! This will mean you need to accept the latest update from the XMB. To see a handful of the best latest added videos, go to Menu > Featured > Latest Videos.

    From the rest of the update, to quote: HOMEPAGE FEATURES

    Artist of the Week - Beyoncé
    Everyone's favourite diva has stacked up quite a catalogue of videos over the years since Destiny's Child. Whether she is 'Crazy in Love' or 'Putting a Ring' on it she keeps rolling out hit after hit after hit.

    Best of Acoustic
    No electricity allowed! From Jack Johnson to Counting Crow's, sit back and relax to the acoustic sounds straight from the heart.

    Exclusive VV Brown Interview
    This retro fringed pop fashonista has blasted onto the scene with a blend of 1950's pop and modern day electronica. Having supported The Ting Tings and being a backup vocalist for Madonna and The Pussycat Dolls, we were more than privileged that VV Brown took time out of her busy schedule to exclusively chat with us about jealousy, Polaroid's, evolution and more.


    Party Tunes
    Having a house party? Need a DJ? Well look no further! DJ VidZone comes to the rescue - or should I say VJ?! Black Eyed Peas, Kool and The Gang, Foo Fighters and Wham! will keep you up and partying until the morning (or until the neighbours complain) whatever comes first. Let us know if you've had a party with VidZone yet?!

    Kids Pop Party
    Cancel the clown and the bouncy castle and let VidZone take over the entertainment duties. From Busted to B*Witched this playlist will have your littl'uns bouncing around until it's time for cake.

    Best Artists of the 21st Century
    OK, so this is a matter of opinion but I reckon we have got a pretty perfect list of artists that have shaped the sound of the century so far...I won't give you any examples just in case you don't agree so check it out for yourself.

    Anti Love Songs
    Not all of us are into all that vomit-inducing, lovey-dovey ballads which seem to have been constantly around since the dawn of time. With videos like Alice Cooper's 'Poison' to Kaiser Chiefs' 'Every Day I Love you Less and Less', let's fight the revolution against the love song!

    The Sound of the Streets
    Busta to Bizzle and N Dubz to N.E.R.D. This is the sound of the streets. Big urban tunes from all your favourite rappers and artists to play as loud as your system will go.

    So.. That's it I think... I'm sure I have forgotten something... oh well I'm sure it wasn't important. Hope you all have a good week and I will be back soon to give you details of yet more exciting VidZone based stuff. Until then.. Au revoir.

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    seed101 Guest
    good for ps3 owners in europe, but how about in USA!

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    It's not even available in the whole Europe... and half of the countries here (alright some smaller ones and even some bigger ones but which Sony consider not-important or hackers heaven probably) don't even have access to the PS Store... so.. NO, I don't think USA is even slightly affected by this not being available to that territory

    Just wait and I'm sure eventually it will come... I've been waiting from the launch of the PS3 here in Europe for that elusive store... (HINT: maybe on 1'st October?!?!)

    P.S.: If you reaally want to have access to Vidzone, create an UK account, and run your PS3 trough a UK proxy server... and voila... free acces NOW! I never quite managed to do this 100% but I did managed to load the whole app, to load the indexes and the interface! Maybe with a faster broadband line like it's available there you will have more success!

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