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    Mar 2006
    Bd-j Nes Emulator has just been released by a japan site ( or you just put your NES roms anywhere inside AVCHD.

    Still no sound, but looks great.

    Guide here:

    Also below are Souko (Keeper, a Sokoban game for the PS3) and Kuttuke (Attaching Jelly). Finally, Dark-Show has re-released the BD-J NES Emulator with the following changes:

    PS3-NES u0.1 Updates:

    +menu code cleaned
    +menu file sizes now take longest file name to determine positioning
    +filesize now shown in KB
    +file selection color now lined up properly with filename
    +top bar now fitted to top (not just below top)
    +memory usage move slightly to the left (so you can see it all)
    +new screen mode added to the green button
    !+file scrolling
    -image handeling (dont need it, ps3 comes with it)
    -directories (only temporary)

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    I added the update? which is larger and apparently v0.0.3 for those into PS3 BD-J stuff!

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    Aug 2008
    Cool stuff, played track 'n field with buddies and blasted the stereo for music last night. hope they get sounds working soon. didn't work with a sd-card so i used it with the reader.


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    I tried to put the NES Emulator on a SD, but it doesn't work. Does it have to be either a USB stick or a Memory Card? How come?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Climber View Post
    I tried to put the NES Emulator on a SD, but it doesn't work. Does it have to be either a USB stick or a Memory Card? How come?
    I'm not sure why, but it doesn't work from SD cards. You have to use it on usb or memcard. It supposedly also works on a dvd but you have to change some things to get it working.

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    Dont forget, it works great if you have a psp or can connect a drive via usb. Tested both.

    -Also .zip ROMS will not work atm

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    This also works if burnt to a CD/DVD.

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    The NES Emulator was officially updated to v0.0.4 and attached above... not sure exactly what the changes are as the readme only states:
    @2008/08/31 Ver0.0.4 ƒŒƒCƒAƒEƒgC,ƒhƒ‰ƒCƒu•ύX‘‰ž
    Some users are reporting the following changes, although unconfirmed:

    - Still has not sound
    - It has a new file browser interface (folders are listed in the left side panel, files are listed in the right side panel)
    - File browser still has not scrolling when you have many files in a folder
    - Selecting files (up/down) is now faster
    - Buttons in NES emulator seem to have a faster response
    - If you press GREEN or BLUE options it seems like the filer trying to read a local HDD path

    Also, Dark-Show has updated his own re-release of the BD-J NES Emulator with these changes:

    PS3-NES u0.2b Updates:

    +(cool) new name change - ps3filer is unconsistant with the functionality of my (re)releases
    +2nd controller support, although both controllers can control each character the same.
    |-(activated using the blue button for compatibility)

    +change file selected color from yellow to green (i hate yellow)
    +press <- or -> to skip 5 files either way (in menu)
    -no sound yet

    Future plans (so far):
    +look farther into sound (-not looking good atm)
    +look into savestates (if not local, make a remote savestate server)
    +look into ps3 controller detection (aka, controller 1-4)

    Finally, bu-nyan has released "Block" here which appears to be a Tetris-style PS3 BD-J game. As always, just copy the AVCHD folder to the root of a USB device and start it from the VIDEO section of the XMB.

    Update: Attached v0.0.2 of Block and Suoko below.

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    Bu-nyan has released another few today, dubbed "Maze Maze" available here, "Suudoku" here, and "UneUne" available here, pics below!

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    Apr 2005

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    Bu-nyan ( has released more PS3 BD-J games today (pics below), and this round it's:

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